Automatic Intruder Alarm System
A variety of electronic sensors that automatically alert the user or other designated persons of the presence of any intruder within the secured perimeter. The alarms are linked by transmitters to a back-up response team or police (the back up service is optional).

Automatic Gates / Video Phones
these are electric gates that are controlled remotely by the user to admit only the intended persons. The videophone (which can be installed alone) allows the owner to physically verify the identify of the person before admitting them.

Mantrap / Metal Detectors
This device automatically scans persons entering a building for any metal and detains those with any suspicious objects in their possession until cleared by security personnel.

Early Arrival System
this system allows the owner to remotely open his automatic gate without getting out of his vehicle or alert the guard or occupants of the house of his arrival. The gate can be opened from a range of 300m

Cctv Remote Surveillance Systems
close circuit television network of advanced-system-applications security cameras that gives a high level of electronic accuracy for overt and covert coverage of desired areas. Comes in a wide selection-range with a variety or recording options.

Access Control Systems
A combination of different security controls, controlled by a tamper-proof computer based program that allows the use to define privileges and times of entry and exit into different areas of the premises by different persons.

Electric Fences
High quality industrial electrical fences that deliver a strong but non-lethal shock to any would be intruders and triggers an alarm to summon back-up when linked to the transmitter.

Fire Alarm Systems
These are electronic detectors that sense the presence of fire in the building, trigger an alarm and activate any pre-installed fire fighting equipment.