Collindale Security Limited is a wholly Kenyan owned outfit, which blends local experience with Israeli expertise. The concept was hatched in 1992 by the founding chairman, whom prior to setting up Collindale, had been a long serving career Police Officer who also headed the national intelligence directorate for just over two decades. He joined up with a friend and equally long standing Israeli Military Attache to Kenya, who held the managing director’s portfolio for 12 years, during which time he injected the renowned Israeli meticulous eye for detail in matters pertaining to security. Together the two founded a formidable company blending their life experiences to produce results in a field they only knew too well.

Owing to the dynamic nature of security demands, COLLINDALE SECURITY LIMITED has nurtured strategic partnership with world leading manufacturers of security equipment and products, thus being able to custom design solutions tailored towards satisfying each individual client’s needs as and when they arise. The  Company now incorporates the latest technology in the security industry. The focus has always been on providing the best available security solutions to the customer upon expert consultation provided by our team of technicians, marketers and security consultants.